Friday, July 20, 2012

Book trailer reflection

Book Trailer Reflection

I LOVED making this trailer!!! Wow!! It was SO much fun to do!!! I had just read this book so the idea was fresh in my mind. The only problem was some dead space. I couldn't speed up the pictures or change that. Also, the music! I couldn't just have the music for the first slide and the last. It had to be consecutive. But I could definitely see using this program, but not just myself using it, but having students make their own book trailers and putting them on the library website as a way to grab the interest of all the students. Also, I could see using this program to show kids how to research or how to use search engines or even how to cite sources! But because it's not fluid, and it's just static pictures, those ideas may not work so well. But I do want to try them all! But this was fun!!!!
One way this could be used in the library curriculum is with a lesson plan. If a teacher is teaching a class about a certain book or time period, I would teach the students how to use this program,  photo story, and have them make short videos of the book or person they are studying. They could do an author biography even.

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  1. Lisa, I LOVED your book trailer! It made me want to read the book! Loved how you incorporated voices and mysterious music. Just a great job all around on this assignment!