Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1st post reflection

Video 1:

     OK, so my understanding of Web 2.0 is the fact that people and technology are working and collaborating together. The app, Instagram, is an example of web 2.0 technology because you take pictures and upload them to their server. Other users can view your photos, comment on them, like them and share them with other people too. You can also view other photos and comment on their photos. This is an amazing way to meet new people and connect to people all over the world that you would never have had the ability to do in the past.
     Some web 2.0 companies are google maps, flicker, technorati, and digg.
One website I just began using is Pintrest. It's great for reading articles and 'saving' them online to read later. Also, goodreads is another favorite of mine. You can get recommendations from other people on what to read and how good a book is. Also, you can write your own feelings on books for others to read. You can also rate the book.


  1. Goodreads is such a great site. When people find out I'm studying library information science I get "Give me a good book to read, I need a good book". Books are subjective. I love science fiction, that person might like romance (Any book with Fabio painted on the cover, in my opinion is trash).
    With goodreads, you sign in, enter in some books you have read, and it suggests books for you. Easy.
    Another site I like, and i don't know how to classify this is:
    Enter in your interests, and it randomly brings you to sites that relate to your interests. If you like photography, it brings you to a random photography site. It is a fun way of discovering new websites.

  2. We will be exploring Pinterest and Goodreads in class! These are both examples of social networking and collective intelligence!

  3. i'm intrigued to look into more personal interest websites since i generally avoid them. but i trust my classmates more then unknown strangers on the web!