Thursday, July 26, 2012

Final Reflection

Final Reflection

This course was, simply put, amazing. I learned so many valuable tools to help me become a better teacher and for when I become a future librarian. Library's are changing because technology is changing. The way we teach is changing because of technology. If you are not up to date with the changes, you will fall behind and you won't be able to provide students with the tools they'll need for THEIR future! I was aware of possibly one or two of the tools we learned this semester, but I was astonished at all of the tools and what we can do with them. I will absolutely use the book trailer idea for my future classes and library. That is just awesome. I also plan on using the blog feature for my classes this fall. Also, I would like to do the digital storytelling with my ESL class at Farmingdale in the fall. I was very happy we learned that! That was something I had heard of and missed a workshop about, but was very glad to have to make that in our class. Before the class started I was not sure what to expect at all! I had not heard of alot of the technology that was on the precourse survey. I was nervous that we would be doing things I couldn't grasp or understand. But having taken the course, I think the assignments were fun and very useful. I told all my family about this course and they responded the same, "Wow. Sounds like it's the most useful class you've taken." And I have to agree. This was THE most useful and practical class I've taken. I really like facebook, but for personal use only. I do have a 'teacher' facebook page for my students at IADT, which is an online only school. I use the facebook with them because I think they like knowing they can see me and chat with me on that level. But for my face-to-face classes, I won't use facebook with them. I would make a library Facebook page though. Twitter I've never been crazy about. I never used it, and probably will never use it to post anything, but I would use it to stay up to date with librarians. But I think blogs are better for that. I will keep using the blogger, if only to read what other librarians and teachers post. Also, scoop I will probably never use. But I can't say never. I will use wix alot, I know that. And everything google. But overall, this was the best class I've ever taken. Thank you professor!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Blog Reflection 23 July

Wow. What a ton of information!!!! I have learned more about webpages and web 2.0 in these short few days than in my entire life. I am absolutely loving glogster! I had tried to do it on my own a month or so ago and couldn't figure it out. Actually, I tried for a minute, got frustrated and quit. But today, I had no choice and I must say I am thinking of so many ways to use it in my classroom and future library. Also, prezi is very cool! I will definitely be playing around with that for future powerpoint's.

Link to Prezi

Friday, July 20, 2012

Book trailer reflection

Book Trailer Reflection

I LOVED making this trailer!!! Wow!! It was SO much fun to do!!! I had just read this book so the idea was fresh in my mind. The only problem was some dead space. I couldn't speed up the pictures or change that. Also, the music! I couldn't just have the music for the first slide and the last. It had to be consecutive. But I could definitely see using this program, but not just myself using it, but having students make their own book trailers and putting them on the library website as a way to grab the interest of all the students. Also, I could see using this program to show kids how to research or how to use search engines or even how to cite sources! But because it's not fluid, and it's just static pictures, those ideas may not work so well. But I do want to try them all! But this was fun!!!!
One way this could be used in the library curriculum is with a lesson plan. If a teacher is teaching a class about a certain book or time period, I would teach the students how to use this program,  photo story, and have them make short videos of the book or person they are studying. They could do an author biography even.

Reflection of Friday's class

Friday: 20 July 2012

I really enjoyed learning about the digital photostory. This is a program I have been meaning to use in my classes, but haven't really taken the time to learn. So I am excited to begin learning how to do it and trying to figure out ways to use it in a Freshman English Comp course.
I also was able to create a form in the wiki to use for my first day of class in my English courses. This will be the first time I try it so I'm excited to see how it works and how the students like it. I always hold my classes in computer labs, so instead of having them fill out index cards, I will have them do this digital survey instead. I imagine I could also create tests using that survey and create polls too. I can't wait to come up with lessons to use it for!
I didn't have any trouble creating the wiki. That was fun. The most difficult thing is trying to keep track of all the new websites I've joined! I have all these new user names and passwords and I'm still not sure the purpose of some of them. Twitter is something I've NEVER liked! I don't know if I'll use it much, but if there is a way to link all of them to ONE main page, that would be ideal. Instead of having to go to each page! But I'm curious to see which one I end up using the most. I like Flikr, but only because I love editing photos in instagram and uploading them to flikr, but honestly. Who will ever see my pictures there? Would I ever use that for a class? I'm not sure yet, but I hope to find out.

Working with Wikis

Working with wikis.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reflection of Diigo

At first, I was pretty confused as to how to use Diigo. I'm still not aware of its full potential, but I get that you can like blogs and links and read other blogs and links through the tags. I really like the Diigo toolbar though. When I'm browsing the web, if i find an article I like, I can automatically save it to Diigo or highlight parts of it and save that. Also, I can post a 'sticky note' with my thoughts as I'm reading the article, directly on the article page! That's a huge bonus that I'll share with my students!! Also, I like how I can save from one computer and go to the diigo app on my iphone and my articles and photos will be there too. I have more to learn with this app, but I'm really liking it! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1st post reflection

Video 1:

     OK, so my understanding of Web 2.0 is the fact that people and technology are working and collaborating together. The app, Instagram, is an example of web 2.0 technology because you take pictures and upload them to their server. Other users can view your photos, comment on them, like them and share them with other people too. You can also view other photos and comment on their photos. This is an amazing way to meet new people and connect to people all over the world that you would never have had the ability to do in the past.
     Some web 2.0 companies are google maps, flicker, technorati, and digg.
One website I just began using is Pintrest. It's great for reading articles and 'saving' them online to read later. Also, goodreads is another favorite of mine. You can get recommendations from other people on what to read and how good a book is. Also, you can write your own feelings on books for others to read. You can also rate the book.